What does it mean to “Join Our Tribe”?
You will be added to our mailing list. ATF will send out periodic newsletters and information about the cool things we are up to, volunteer opportunities, and other ways to get involved in the ATF mission.

Where does my money go when I donate?
ATF has been a 501(c)3 since September 16, 2014. 100% of every donation goes to sustain the programming of ATF and to help execute our mission to restore hope through movement.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, all donations made to ATF are tax deductible according to IRS code 501(c)3. A tax receipt will be mailed or emailed to you after each donation made and an end of year donation summary will be sent at the close of each year.

Can I make a donation “in memory” or “in honor of” someone?
Yes! An acknowledgement letter can be sent to that person and/or their family if you provide their name and mailing or email address with the donation. Your donation will still be tax deductible and you will still receive your own tax receipt.

How do I donate to ATF?
Donations can be mailed to ATF office: 13601 Preston Road, Suite E230, Dallas, TX 75240. Donations can also be made online via the DONATE NOW button on the website.

Why do you have 2 addresses?
Our physical address is our gym location and this is where all training takes place. Our mailing address is our office and this is where we work behind the scenes to support the adaptive training that is being done at the gym.

Do you have gyms located anywhere else than in Dallas, TX? How can I start an ATF gym in my hometown?
At this time ATF only has one gym located in Dallas, TX. We do have plans to grow and establish chapters across the nation, but we feel like the next step for us is to certify trainers from around the country in the adaptive methodology that David has created to train our athletes. We will be rolling out that curriculum very soon- so stay tuned!

How can I best support ATF if I don’t live in Dallas, Texas?
Please visit our website to have your name added to our contact list and stay in touch with our growth progress via the newsletter and social media. Watch our videos and like and share our videos and posts. We will be sure to let you know when the curriculum training courses are beginning to be offered. You can also support ATF through a donation or through purchasing some of our ATF merchandise on the website. We are excited for the future and look forward to expanding our reach outside of Texas very soon!

Do you accept only veterans into your programming?
No, ATF works with both veterans and civilians who have sustained a physical injury. In addition, we welcome those who were born with an impairment and/or have a degenerative disease to apply to the program as well.

The first step for any applicant would be to fill out an application via our website under the “Adaptive Athletes” tab. Your application will be reviewed by ATF team members and then we will reach out to you to gain more information and/or to schedule a visit to our gym.

We accept 10 new athletes every 9 weeks and the training is 3x/week for those who are selected. Is everyone who applies accepted into the program?
No, it is not guaranteed. We receive a large number of applications and intentionally keep class sizes relatively small, though we continue to increase the number of classes each year. We have a multi-level screening process and not everyone who applies will be accepted. If you are not selected to participate in the class for which you apply, a letter will be sent to you informing you of the decision. At that time, you can ask to be considered for a future class. You will not need to reapply, but you might need to update some information on your application.

Do you accept interns to work at your gym?
Yes, we do accept 1-2 interns each 9 weeks to volunteer and gain experience working with adaptive athletes. However, on the training side, we are not set up to be able to meet the requirements for a full internship as required by a university. There are also opportunities to intern in our office learning about the day-to-day operations of working in a non profit. We accept both undergraduate and graduate level interns in both capacities. To be considered for an internship at ATF, fill out “Internship Opportunities” form under “Get Involved” tab on the website. Please note that there are MANY applicants for internship positions and not all who apply will be selected.

Do you accept volunteer trainers at ATF?
Yes, we cannot do the work that we do without our army of volunteers! To protect our athletes, a multi-level screening process is required of each applicant . The first step is to fill out the “Volunteer” form under the “Get Involved” tab on the website. Those chosen to help train our athletes will be invited to attend ATF’s Train the Trainer course. Dates of this course are TBD. Every volunteer trainer must complete the course before hands-on experience with ATF athletes can begin.

For all other volunteer opportunities, please fill out our “Volunteer” form under the “Get Involved” tab on the website and be sure to specify your area of interest. We will get in touch with you as soon as opportunities are available.

How do I get David and/or an ATF athlete to speak at my upcoming event?
Please email: media@TeamATF.org to get more information about booking a speaking event with David Vobora or an ATF athlete.

Do I need to schedule a visit to ATF or can I just drop by the gym?
You definitely need to schedule a visit! We want our athletes to be focused on accomplishing their goals in the gym each session, so only scheduled visits are allowed. Please email info@TeamATF.org to schedule a visit and/or tour.