Travis Livingston

Born: 01/20/1988

Injured: 09/14/2011

Injury: Spinal Cord Injury

Military Branch: Navy

Joining the US Navy in April 2007, he was stationed at camp Pendleton, CA for 2 years with the 1st Marine division. By 2008 he went through the 3rd recon team and 15th MEU.

Travis deployed to Afghanistan twice, the first being in July 2010 in the Garmish and Helmand Province. In 2011 on Travis’ second deployment, he was in Afghanistan on a patrol when his vehicle was hit by an IED where he suffered a spinal cord injury.

After the military he completed paramedic school and worked as a paramedic and medical instructor in Alameda County, CA. Travis then moved to McKinney Texas in August 2016 and became an athlete at Adaptive Training Foundation in January 2017 for Class 8. After going through the program, Travis now serves as an athlete trainer at Adaptive Training Foundation helping uphold the mission of continued support and community.