Tony Lampkin

Tony Lampkin

Born: 01/22/1988

Injured: 08/2009

Injury: Quadruple Amputee

Andre Lampkin, a.k.a Tony, is from Fort Worth, Texas where he graduated from L.D. Bell High School with a full ride scholarship to Cisco Junior College to play football. Unaware of the risks of living in dorms, Tony started school without his vaccinations. After going home for winter break, he started feeling unwell. He ended up being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, which ultimately stopped the blood flow to his hands and feet. This resulted in a quadruple amputation in August of 2009 after spending a year in the hospital.

This challenge has not slowed Tony down, literally. When he got his first set of prosthetics, he taught himself to walk through grit and determination for his independence. Now Tony is running and participating in track and field at the USA Paralympic level.

Tony is an athlete at heart and continues living his life as such, regardless of being an amputee. He plays wheelchair rugby and brings his competitiveness and football skills to excel. While his life has changed completely, Tony says “I have kept a great attitude towards life and continue making my strides!”