Tamar Burr

Born: 12/26/1982

Injured: Congenital

Injury: Above Knee Amputee

Tamar Burr was born with a birth defect called Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency. Due to this condition Tamar had only 3 toes, an underdeveloped foot, no ankle joint, and was missing the small bone in her lower leg. The bones she did have in her left leg were too short and her knee was turned out. In and out of Shriners Children’s hospital her entire childhood, Tamar has had 31 surgeries to try and help correct the birth defect, including bone lengthening and having her knee scraped clean and placed in a halo. This would start the excruciating pain of slowly turning her knee for three months so that it faced the right direction.

Finally in 2005 her foot was too unstable to support her leg so she would have a below knee amputation. After the surgery, Tamar was informed her knee was like that of a 75 year old. Her knee lasted another eight years before it finally blew out and she was faced with an above knee amputation. Tamar’s above knee amputation was more difficult to bounce back from than she expected and she began a whole new challenge in her recovery.

Tamar has discovered an outlet in sled hockey. She has played for the Dallas Sled Stars a member of the Women’s National sled hockey team she looks to the days where she can get back to playing for team USA. For Tamar being on the ice is a release where all worries cease to exist.

After hearing about ATF through sled hockey teammates she decided it would be a great opportunity to really stay strong and fit. During her journey with ATF she has discovered a love of power lifting and hopes to continue it after redefine ends. Tamar’s goal is to feel strong and confident in her body so she can really learn to rely and use her prosthetic much more than before.