Shelby Keeland

Born: 04/10/1992

Injured: 05/24/2017

Injury: Spinal Cord Injury C6/C7

Shelby grew up in a house full of rough and tumble kids. Always one for adventure, he will be the first to tell you about all the crazy things he would do in his youth. Growing up this way, sports was a huge part of that upbringing. He played football in high school and continued playing in clubs afterwards. Shelby began slowing down after he had his daughter, and decided to go to school to get his commercial driving license to provide a life for them. Through driving, Shelby found a new passion and enjoyed getting to travel to see the country.

One long day driving his big rig in May 2017, Shelby had an accident where he was ejected from the cabin and suffered a spinal cord injury, breaking his C6 and C7 vertebra. Thankfully paramedics were two cars behind, where they witnessed this accident and were able to respond quickly to save his life. Shelby spent six months in the hospital where he went through multiple phases of rehab and recovery to learn how lo live as a quadriplegic now.

Despite his injury physically slowing him down, Shelby still has a lust for adventure and life. During his recovery, he watched the documentary Murderball which inspired him to start playing rugby. Shelby has completely taken to this sport and now trains just as hard as he used to for football.

This never quit attitude is infectious and whether he is trying sit skiing for the first time or working to get his driver's license again, Shelby inspires those around him. Since his accident he is more focused on his life and thankful he had the chance to find that again. Shelby is even getting married later this year!