Shauna George

Born: 02/17/1994

Injured: 2012

Injury: Hip and Femur Replacement

In 2010, at the age of 16, Dallas native, Shauna George began to complain to her parents about pain and cramps on the outside of her thigh. After spending time icing and massaging it, the pain did not subside so Shauna went to see an orthopedic doctor never expecting he would take an X-ray and discover a tumor had grown into her femur. From there she was immediately sent to an Oncologist where Shauna was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ewing Sarcoma. The cancer had also metastasized and spread to her lungs.

Shauna was told in order to beat the cancer she would need chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. She then went on to endure 14 rounds of chemotherapy as well as radiation on her lungs. Since the cancer was in her bone there was no choice but to remove her femur bone and replace it. In its place doctors put a titanium femur removing the cancer ridden bone. Once she was through with chemo and radiation, Shauna was put into remission. Thrilled to be done with cancer Shauna thought her battles were behind her.

Two years after her initial surgery, in 2012, she was in crippling pain again, this time in her hip. The doctors discovered that the cartilage between her femur and hip was gone. Due to this Shauna would have hip replacement surgery. Post-surgery Shauna started to continuously dislocate her hip due to the lack of muscles surrounding her femur and hip. She would go on to have 30 dislocations. These dislocations would cause her to have additional hip replacements every 2 years after her first with her latest one being in June of 2018.

As a part of ATF’s Class 14, Shauna is taking the opportunity to push her boundaries. After eight years of surgeries and setbacks, she is challenging herself to relearn to trust her body and see what it can accomplish. Already improving her balance and strength, Shauna knows that staying fit will mean fewer surgeries in the future. Her goals throughout this journey are to change her mind set on what she can do and really learn to have confidence in both sides of her body.