Roy Tuscany

Roy Tuscany

Born: 08/26/1981

Injured: 04/29/2006

Injury: T-12 Spinal Cord Injury (Incomplete)

Roy is from Waterbury, Vermont where he graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and dreams of being a professional free-skier, when he then headed out west to ski in the big mountains. Living the Tahoe area, Roy had the support of numerous sponsors and was beginning to realize his dream of becoming a professional skier. 

In 2006, things changed. Roy suffered a life-altering injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. On April 29th, he was on Mammoth Mountain where he overshot a ski jump. He went 130 feet on a 100 foot jump resulting in a huge impact with the snow fracturing his T-12 vertebrae. 

Roy’s injury didn’t slow him down though and led to the creation of High-Fives. He turned the financial and community support of his own recovery into a “pay-it-forward” adventure with the creation of High-Fives Non-Profit Foundation. He received the “Spirit Inspires” award from Disabled Sports USA in 2011 and once held the world record for the most high-fives in a 24 hour period. 

Roy now lives in Reno, Nevada and enjoys finding fun in everything he does. He and the High-Fives Foundation continue to support the adaptive community and hosts the Military to the Mountains ski trip where the ATF Class 11 was able to take their ReDeploy trip.