Lee Kauxhaus

Lee Kauxhaus

Born: 01/3/1966

Injured: 07/2011

Injury: Below Knee Amputation

Military Branch: USAF

Lee grew up in Green Bay, WI and yes, she is a proud Cheese Head and keeps a piece of Frozen Tundra in her freezer! Lee joined the Air Force in 2000 completing a short deployment as a flight doc attached to a KC-10 refueling squadron in 2001 during the Global War on Terrorism. She was stationed at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, and later deployed to Iraq as a Diagnostic Radiologist. 

In July of 2011, Lee became gravely ill and her immune system was unable to fight off the bacterium that normally causes strep throat. She went into "septic shock" and this caused life-threatening complications. The lack of blood flow to her legs and right hand left residual damage and led to the eventual amputation of her left leg, after 2 years of limb salvage. 

Through all of this, being alive is what Lee dwells on the most! She has an amazingly positive attitude about life and its contagious around others. Lee still maintains a busy lifestyle keeping up with her four amazing children, Nicholas (27), Alexandra (25), Victoria (20), and Katherine (18), and 1 granddaughter Fauna (7).  She loves participating in adaptive sports, traveling, and mentoring/volunteering. When it comes to the negative, she tries not to "sweat about the small stuff," and when it comes to the POSITIVE, she is all about enjoying the "little things in life."