Kelly Talamantes

Born: 04/26/1978

Injured: April 2017

Injury: Above Knee Amputee

Kelly’s gift to remain an extremely positive person is a character trait she holds tightly to since her life was changed in the blink of an eye one conspicuous day in April 2017. After enjoying a date night with her husband, Luis, the two of them were on their motorcycle going home when a driver turning left failed to yield on the yellow light, striking them head on. Kelly and her husband were ejected forty feet from the accident where Luis passed away immediately upon impact. Kelly was knocked unconscious and helicoptered to the hospital where she would remain unconscious for the next four days. When she awoke in the hospital, she discovered her body in shambles and her left leg had been amputated.

Lucky to be alive, Kelly’s injuries included a broken pelvic bone, punctured bladder, torn ACL, fractured foot, and a fractured rib cage. She was also bleeding internally which required surgery to fix. Initially, doctors had amputated her leg below the knee, but due to the risk of infection she needed to have it further removed. After multiple surgeries and her leg amputated above the knee, Kelly found herself lying flat in a hospital bed for eight weeks before she could start down her path of recovery.

The initial recovery began with the simple act of learning how to sit up again. Then, once she recovered from her injuries, she was released from the hospital and sent to rehabilitation where she would begin her journey of learning how to function without her leg. As Kelly found herself in a whole new world, she became determined to hold onto that positive outlook throughout her journey. After three months in rehab she was released and told she could go back to work.

Before her accident, Kelly was in sales which required a lot of mobility. As she continually works to gain back her mobility, Kelly is learning to take time to focus on herself and her health, not letting her accident to define her. Having discovered ATF, she is using the opportunity with Class 14 to learn how to do things she did before the accident in a new way. Kelly sticks to her motto, anything is possible, and she understands having a prosthetic does not limit you. She looks forward to becoming strong enough to travel to Park City with the group and learning how to ski.