Katrina Evans

Born: 06/16/1989

Injured: 2011

Injury: Stroke

Katrina started experiencing strokes at 12 years old and when they started happening every day at 15, she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease. Undergoing a total of 6 brain surgeries to correct this vascular issue after a major stroke in 2011, Katrina was left with her mobility compromised and the left side of her body completely paralyzed. Now limited, she chose not to think of herself as incomplete but rather adaptive.

Katrina has never lost hope or happiness even though she has experienced a lot of loss in her life. Within a 10 year span, she lost her mother, brother, and the use of her left side. Even through all of this she found happiness in marrying her best friend, being a dog mom, and dedicating her life to becoming the strongest she can be in order to hopefully adopt a child soon. Katrina says “My fight is never over and I am ready to prove the statistics wrong. It’s go time!”