DJ Vale

Born: 09/09/72

Injured: 07/25/17

Injury: Below Knee Amputation

Military Branch: Army

Driving to work like it was any other day, DJ was on his motorcycle when he was t-boned by another driver. Instead of fearing for his life, worrying about his well being, or anxiously awaiting what life now had in store for him, DJ started counting his blessing. This is how he had always lived his life and today was no different.

DJ served in the Army as a Field Artillery Officer where he was a tank driver for two and a half years. After his short stint in the military, DJ decided to go back to school for a degree in finance and is now a business analyst.

48 hours after getting hit on his motorcycle DJ was out of the hospital ready to bounce back and continue on with his life. He was back to work a week and a half later and learning to walk on his prosthetic soon after.

Through DJ’s prosthetist, he began meeting other amputees like himself and started using his optimistic outlook and personality help them cope and deal with their amputations. DJ never let this traumatic experience slow him down, and he wanted to help others recognize that they did not have to let it slow them down either.

DJ has learned about the psychosocial affect a community of support has since joining ATF class 13, and he looks forward to bringing the ATF community into the peoples lives he works with closely. He also looks forward to using the skills he has learned here at ATF to run the Dallas Marathon and continue a passion in Triathlons.