Chase Hennings

Chase Hennings

Born: 07/12/1993

Injured: 1996

Injury: Autoimmune congenital illness

Born and raised in Texas, Chase is a Texan through and through. He went to Coram Deo Academy through high school and upon graduation, attended North Central Texas College to complete his basics. Chase then transferred to the University of North Texas for his remaining classes and graduated in the Fall of 2016 with a degree in Entrepreneurship.

When Chase was three years old he was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness where his immune system attacked itself affecting his joints, resulting in pain and inflammation. While over the years this has gotten under control, it has left him unable to walk and in a wheelchair for the past ten years.

Chase however has not let his situation limit him. He believes that we all have challenges, regardless of physical ability, but he refuses to allow those challenges to win. He has been able to travel to many places, do many things, and feels blessed by his family and friends to continue to support anything he sets his mind towards.

Chase has his real estate license along with an FAA license to fly drones commercially. He is currently using these skills to create his own company built around social media marketing and aerial photography.