Mark Armstrong


Colorado State University
BS Economics

Attended graduate school in Economics, Finance and Accounting at University of Tennessee and the University of Colorado, Denver.


Over 30 years experience in finance, operations, financial and operational restructurings, turn-around situations, management, strategy, and venture funding. Experience includes:

Boettcher and Company – Started as margin clerk and advanced to Assistant Vice President and Special Limited Partner in four years. Ran the asset management group for the private placements, and oversaw all budgeting, financing, debt restructuring and sale of assets.

Robert M Bass Group/Ameribass – Assistant Vice President for Ameribass, the joint venture between Robert M Bass and American Express. I was responsible for finding investment opportunities and then arranging the capital for the investment.

Southmark Corporation – Started as the Assistant to the Chairman, and then became Senior Vice President of Asset Management and Special Projects for Southmark, a NYSE company, and was involved in taking Southmark through the fourth largest bankruptcy at that time. I oversaw the restructuring of hundreds of millions of dollars of debt; the sale of a publicly traded insurance company; the restructuring of a $60 million REMIC with Merrill Lynch; the work on a number of proxy fights on various entities; the restructuring of a publicly traded nursing home company; and various other special projects.

Astraea Company – Formed a consulting company to advise on large financial transactions, and operational and financial restructurings. Clients included extremely wealthy individuals and families, and companies such as EDS. I worked on the Landmark bankruptcy, which involved six of the leading golf courses in the United States. We worked with the RTC (federal government) to assist them in gaining control of the bankruptcy. We negotiated the terms of the ultimate auction of the properties. We raised $27 million in six weeks from the members and homeowners at PGA West (our client) in Palm Springs area. We negotiated a joint venture with Allen Paulson where Paulson would acquire the land around PGA West. Participated in one of the largest auctions ever held, where we were the backup bidder to KKR on PGA, with a bid of $134 million. We worked with the PGA Tour to negotiate the best outcome possible for the members and homeowners. We also worked in Poland on how they should restructure their aviation sector, airports and airlines. We worked on taking a home security company through bankruptcy and selling off the company to Westinghouse.

Dalfort Aviation – I was Chief Operating Officer for Dalfort Aviation, which was owned by the Pritzker family of Chicago. The Pritzker family had an estimated net worth of $20 billion. Dalfort was scheduled for shut-down. I had to renegotiate the union contract down 27% and restructure the company to cut non-union costs by 35%. I negotiated a transaction with UPS, Dalfort’s largest client, for UPS to increase their work at Dalfort by 50%. I negotiated an agreement with McDonnell-Douglas for MD to outsource the assembly of certain aircraft to Dalfort. MD ran into troubles when I had to point out to them that their engineering was two years behind schedule. MD ended up offering me positions as either an Executive Vice President of Douglas commercial aircraft, or as President of Douglas Satellite. I declined both positions as I wanted to move away from aviation.

WhamTech – I took over an existing technology company with a disruptive database technology. With very little funding and virtually no resources, I oversaw the repositioning of the technology as a virtual data access solution. I got the technology tested by Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Booz Allen Hamilton, the US Joint Forces Command, SAIC, CSC and EMC. I established the relationships with these companies.

I raised approximately $15 million from accredited investors for the company. No institutional money was raised. Investors included the president and founder of an LA hedge fund; the President of Dreamworks Studios; the former president of Disney Studios; the coach of the Phoenix Suns; the founder of HARPO Entertainment for Oprah; successful technology entrepreneurs; financial industry executives; movie producers; actors; etc.

The technology is now being successfully launched in the UK National Health Service and NY Presbyterian, with CSC (NYSE Company). CSC is using this technology to provide interoperability for healthcare, and interoperability will be the primarily offering for CSC Global Healthcare. Other projects include the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, United Healthcare, Intermountain Health, the Australian National System, and Kaiser Permanente. According to Intermountain Health, this is one of two technologies that will completely transform healthcare globally.

Northrop Grumman is building their data fusion and fraud fusion center on this technology. They have projects starting or targeted with the Social Security Administration, Department of Labor, CBOE, CMS (Medicare/Medicaid), FBI, and DOD healthcare and logistics.


15 years basketball coach with Special Olympics Plano
Coached baseball and soccer for four years with Miracle League Frisco. I was an interim Baseball Director, and I served as Fundraising Director on the Board.
Worked for four years with Equest, assisting in therapeutic riding for disabled children.
Served on the Board of Advisors for the Plano Salvation Army.